Friday, August 03, 2012

"We would urge Christians to avoid the internet feeding frenzy that inevitably comes after incidents like this."

So says the FBFI, concerning the Jack Schaap scandal. I can't help but wonder if this means, "Please, no one remind the world of the FBFI President's ill-adviced choice [described as such by many of us at the time] to join Schaap at the 'Baptist Friends Conference' a couple years ago."

These men serve as FBFI officers and board members.


Anonymous said...

Yeah .... like they failed to warn about or separate from!

Don Johnson said...

What it means, Ben, is that Christians should avoid repeating rumours and false reports about this or any similar events. That has already been done in this case. It is unChristlike.

We in no way minimize the sins of Jack Schaap in this regard. But we urge Christians to refrain from sin as they observe this going on.

Don Johnson
Editor, Proclaim & Defend.

P.S. Regardless, thanks for the link.

Ben said...


Anonymous said...

well, that last that I refer to doesn't even show. Anyway what I said was:

Brother Don,

You don't think that referring to Schaap's wacko perverted heresies and practice as merely "troubling" minimizes his wrongdoings?



Ben said...


Apparently you got caught in my spam comment vortex, and I didn't even realize I had one. Great that Blogger picked up the functionality, but it'd be nice if it worked.

To the substance of your comment, how could the FBFI say anything stronger than "troubling" about Schaap without condemning its own leadership? It's like the way CT handles Billy Graham, ironically enough.

Anonymous said...

Or how the SBC leadership handles Billy Graham?

mitch irons said...

Very interesting. but always remember to ask guidance to the Lord so he is with us in every decision we are making.. :)