Sunday, May 06, 2012


I used to joke with a previous pastor that my long-term financial plan was to hit the separatist conference circuit with a talk entitled, "There and Back Again: My Time with [X pastor] at [X church] in the [X compromising association of churches] . . . and Why I Came Home." Some thought it was funny, possibly because it struck them as a sustainable career.

But eventually I realized thad I'd been beaten to the punch. It had occurred to me that there's a sort of person who attends an academic institution foreign to his circle of fellowship, all the while:

  1. Knowing what he himself believes.
  2. Knowing what the academic institutions he attends stands for.
  3. Knowing that he believes that institution and its professors exist in a persistent state of compromise and disobedience to Scripture.
  4. Intending to learn something from these disobedient compromisers.
  5. Intending to use the education and academic imprimatur acquired from the compromised institution to advance his own institution and career.
  6. Fully intending to excoriate the institution he attended throughout the rest of his career, once his credentials are signed and delivered.

Now, I wonder, what adjectives might we apply to that sort of scheme?

Respectable? Shrewd? Savvy? Ironic? Disingenuous? Reprehensible? Doomed?

You pick.

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