Friday, February 10, 2012

Practical Reading: Episode II

The God Who Is There, by D.A. Carson
I'm not sure if Carson has said exactly why he wrote this book, but it has the feel of someone explaining the basic message of the Bible to someone who's never heard it. I wonder if it might not also be useful for young people who grew up hearing all the stories, but never heard how they point to Christ. Those who argue that people doing biblical theology tend towards allegory will also find less to criticize in Carson's work. Here's one representative portion:
[W]hen Paul here in Romans 3 commends faith, what he is wanting from us is a God-given ability to perceive what God has done by hanging Jesus on the cross, reconciling us to himself, setting aside his own just wrath, demonstrating his love, and declaring us just even though we are not, because the righteousness of Christ Jesus is now counted as ours and our sin is now counted as his. And he has anchored this in God's gracious self-disclosure across enormous tracts of time, across the Bible's entire storyline, climaxing in the shattering reality that the God who made us, the God who is our Judge, bled and died for us and rose again. (184-185)

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