Thursday, September 29, 2011

Another Chance

A few months ago I pointed out a great sale on a useful (but otherwise pricey) pastoral tool: CCEF booklets. It's back. You can buy a whole set of 27 for $39.99 (50% off) or a 5-pack of one title for $1.64/booklet ($3.99 regular price).

These aren't magic bullets. They may be merely a first step as men and women desire to fight sin and pursue godliness in the midst of difficult circumstances and seductive temptations. But they can be an extraordinarily helpful way to put people on a trajectory towards biblical thinking and repentance, particularly if they're shamed by their sin and not yet ready to speak with a pastor.


brian said...

I don't think the word "chance" fits with the overwhelmingly Calvinistic slant of your blog. According to your own theology, I didn't have a chance then, nor do I have one now.

d4v34x said...

But you're still responsible, so do the right thing!

Ben said...

Well it's a limited offer and I just thought some of you particularly might want to redeem it.