Monday, July 04, 2011

"What kind of Christians do contemporary services produce?"

This is an insightful piece from a Baylor prof, published in Christianity Today, and well worth a read. Among several poignant quotes, this one seemed to sum up the point best:
[A]esthetics is never mere aesthetics; the medium may well override the message, or worse, become confused with the message. Tailoring the message to personal styles can easily result in adapting the faith to one's own needs. Instead of allowing the gospel to challenge us, we alter the historic faith to fit the trends of our age.


Anonymous said...

David Cloud is one of my favorite authors and I wonder if he is the author is this excellent piece? I'll have to go back and catch the author's name to see if it was indeed Cloud. But in any event, I like how this guy thinks.

Anonymous said...

Thanks Ben for the post. Something good to think about!

Pastor JimD