Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Doran on the Missional Movement

Free audio now available from this month's MACP: “Church, Kingdom, Mission: Understanding and Assessing the Missional Church Movement.”

Haven't listened to this yet, but I'm very much looking forward to it in light of the emerging tension within the reformed(ish) stream. And that tension seems to be increasing not only within conservative evangelicalism, but also within fundamentalism. As I wrote recently, I suspect this may be the fault line that fractures reformed evangelicals if biblical consensus is not reached.

Now, you should know that when I imported these talks into iTunes, they were automatically categorized into the genre, "Blues." Not sure what to make of that, but consider this fair warning. (Some might say that the fact that these lectures are being used as a reference at Paleoevangelical does not mean that Paleoevangelical endorses its contents from the standpoint of morals, philosophy, theology, or scientific hypothesis.)

Just sayin'. ;-)

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Anonymous said...

re: "blues"--if you use Audacity to generate an mp3, in some versions, the default genre is "blues". Last time I checked, they were using Audacity to process the audio at ICBC...But, based on the music I heard there, I am not surprised that "blues" came up--clearly the camel's nose is in the tent...JK...
Sam Hendrickson