Thursday, June 03, 2010

Ok, 'Fess Up People

It's good for the soul. You know who you are.

Update: Here's the text of the tweet (I've heard a filter blocks Twitter):
Committed to speak at an Independent Fundamental Baptist conf. I can't tell you where b/c they'll get in trouble. ;-)


Scott Aniol said...

My money is on Calvary Lansdale.

ben said...

Plausible, though another SBC pastor has an oddly ambiguous "pastor's seminar" on his public calendar for January 31st in Minneapolis.

Anonymous said...



Anonymous said...

I better say this before I get gored with an oxgoad or used to promote a book--just kidding. My guess is that it is one of the BBF meetings.


Ryan Martin said...

"Gored with an oxgoad" . . .

Heh heh heh :)

Anonymous said...

Somebody or someone connected with some IFB group in Jacksonville.

[Anonymous to protect my sources and protect my ability to gain further information.]

ben said...

DMD you really had me there. Believable that you were pulling something together but surprising ES was in on the party.

Anonymous, I heard about something in Jax. Maybe from you. But what I heard was past. This seems future.

ben said...

Wait maybe it's in Hammond. So would that make us separate from Stetzer or Schaap? Help I need a map. Or a compass.

Reforming Baptist said...

Nope all of ya'll are wrong. It will be the upcoming leadership conference at Lancaster Baptist Church in CA. How do I know? Because Ed Stetzer has taken notice of a new book that Paul Chappell wrote about church growth within the IFB movement. The book is called "Church Still Works"
I would bet my pastorate on it!

Well, maybe not that much.

Don Johnson said...

A vocabulary lesson:

Since I might resemble an earlier remark, please note that it is difficult to actually gore with an oxgoad since it is the ox that does the goring.

gore, verb (used with object),gored, gor·ing: to pierce with or as if with a horn or tusk

An oxgoad is a blunt instrument, used for another purpose:

oxgoad, n. A goad for driving oxen

Of course, some dude named Shamgar managed to do a number on some Philistines, so maybe your usage is appropriate. I'll leave you to decide which terms apply to which people.

Don Johnson
Jeremiah 33.3

Anonymous said...

I don't have any sources to protect really. That was a joke.

ES said publicly that he had a meeting with IFB but joked about them getting in trouble for it (as he did in this tweet). Later, in a smaller group, I asked him about it and he said it was in Jacksonville but declined to name them. So whether the group is in Jax, or the meeting was in Jax, I don't know. And whether or not it may have led to something later, I don't know. He didn't appear to be keep it very secret because he said it publicly, as he did here.

I would be surprised at anything mentioned here except the BBF. As I understand the current BBF, a number of them would be sympathetic, at least somewhat, to ES and his approach to ministry.

I think Lancaster wouldn't do it because of the version issues and because of they are still pretty hyper, and I don't think they would be open to ES's style.

But what do I know?


Neal said...

Is there an update on this? I just discovered this blog this weekend and I want to chime in. I'm in the BBF and it would just make sense. Those who would make a royal issue within the BBF have left and caused a royal stink. The BBF is seriously trying to move forward and not try to worry and walk on eggshells anymore. Ed Stetzer is a frequent guest/speaker to BBF church planting meetings. Plus, Eric Geiger, who co-wrote Simple Church, is originally from the BBF and is a frequent speaker at BBF church planter meetings.

ben said...


Haven't heard anything personally. I checked the Lancaster conference that RB predicted. They have a full array of speakers published but no Stetzer. But maybe he didn't have one of himself in a dark suit and tie. Sorry.


ben said...