Monday, November 30, 2009

"I do not believe it is possible to embrace the premises of ecumenical strategy and still draw the conclusions of evangelical orthodoxy."

Alistair Begg on the Manhattan Declaration, blogging at the Gospel Coalition.


brian said...


If I were to summarize your points from the three previous posts, it would be to say:

"The Gospel is the foundation for Christian sanctification and Church cooperation."

If this is true, many of our churches have got sanctification and cooperation wrong, and perhaps the gospel itself.

Far too often it's the reverse problem we see in the Manhattan declaration. Far too many churches have no cooperation with other gospel-believing churches in their community. What might this (lack of) cooperation say to the unbelieving community?

Ben said...


I think there are plenty of instances of both errors. I suppose my greatest frustration is the hypocrisy of the side that compromises the gospel as it relates to sanctification (or props up those who do), yet judges those that compromise the gospel as it relates to justification (or props up those who do).

Is justification more important than sanctification? Maybe. But both are inextricably linked to the gospel.