Tuesday, October 06, 2009

When Network News Asks Good Questions

Terry Moran of Nightline asks Mark Driscoll about idolatry. Read the story and watch the video here. Moran and Driscoll play off each other in the concluding line:
So in the end, the commandment that to many people may look like it doesn't have a lot of relevance to us . . . may be the most relevant commandment of all.


Tim Batchelor said...

Hey Ben,

I just watched the video. After it’s over, a short commercial followed where a woman walks to the camera and asks, “What the secret of becoming a rock-star entrepreneur?” “Follow me,” she says, “and find out.” It was very interesting to me that this commercial came after that particular interview.

-Tim Batchelor

Paul said...

So when do you get your take on the upcoming wedding?