Wednesday, August 26, 2009

How Blogging Kills Fear of Man

Bob Bixby writes:
[W]hen chided just this summer by one leader in the Fundamentalist Baptist Fellowship that my blogging did not make me “likable” to a number of the leaders, I responded sincerely, “I don’t want to be liked by them.” It surprises me that anyone would think that I am so dense that I had yet to realize that my blogging was not making me “likable” with certain people within the establishment of what I call denominational group-think.
When the time comes that I call it quits as Bixby has, and I certainly will, I have every certainty that one of the best fruits in my life—even if it's the only one—will be complete and final liberation from the snares of ambition and groupthink that Bibxy has so aptly described and keenly exposed over these years.


Heartbroken said...

Noooooo, say it ain't so. You can't call it quits!!! What will we do without such a stable and sturdy bridge between the neos and the fundies? Please tell me you will surface with a different identity.

Todd Wood said...

"snares of ambition"

That phrase turns around in my mind because last night our church family delved into Jeremiah 45 in conjunction with Jeremiah 36.

Baruch was being courageous. He was writing the Word. He was reading the Word to authorities.

But then he suffered.

And God tells him, after the only personal response of Baruch that I see in the whole book, "and seekest thou great things for thyself? seek them not:" (45:5)

Those words by God have been convicting me all night.

PT Barnum said...

Great thoughts here--the fear of man is paralyzing and sinful. I am a recovering man-fearer and still fight it. Thanks for the good words.

Matthew Richards

Countingthecost said...

Blogging can indeed be a catalyst to overcoming a fear of man. But I would also contend that many bloggers (present company excluded)post only out of self-promotion which, in reality, comes down to a fear of man. It can be a tight line to walk.