Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Benefits of Wrestling with Difficult Theological Concepts

A friend [you know who you are ;-) ] once tried to convince me that it was futile and counterproductive to try to press for understanding the limits of God's self-revelation, when God clearly hasn't told us all we need to resolve apparent tensions in the text. Though I recognize the dangers of pressing past the text into speculation, there is today all too common an impulse to set our aim far too low. That's why I'd rather associate myself with words like these from Ligon Duncan, spoken in reference to Romans 8:32:
Wrestling with the profoundest theological concepts teaches us to learn the limits of our own understanding. A sense of wonder--a sense of bafflement--is absolutely essential to authentic Christian experience, and there will always be times when we are confronted with the vision of our God set forth in his own divine self-revelation, and the depiction of his glorious plan that leaves us out of breath, and leaves us at the limit of our ability to articulate.
Quoted from Lecture 2 here.

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