Saturday, May 17, 2008

Don't Bother Reading Unless You Used the Nashotah House Library

I just found an interesting reference to Nashotah House in the Washington Post. I can't speak personally to the theological leanings of NH within Episcopalianism, but I was interested to see the explosion in its enrollment.

If anybody from NH happens across this, thanks for your kindness to the Maranatha students whom you allowed to use your library. I'd love to hear what you think has contributed to the increased enrollment.


Kent Brandenburg said...

I think the smell of that particular library for nerds is like that barbecue scent is to most men.

Ben said...


Your point is well taken, but I don't think appreciation for the scents is mutually exclusive.

Dave Marriott said...

That library bailed me out this semester big time...i need an article from a 19th century edition of expository times...i walked in and the librarian was working on that very edition at her desk!

Ben said...

Yes! Their collection of that journal saved me on several occasions. I still remember an article that I needed for a presentation from Carson's Exegetical Fallacies on "Parallelomania" by Samuel Sandmel like it was yesterday.