Thursday, February 21, 2008

Fundamentalists and Cooperation . . . with Other Fundamentalists

I've found Kevin Bauder's series, "Fundamentalists and Scholarship," intriguing and thought-provoking. The seventh installment seems to lead to an inescapable conclusion that fundamentalists need to cooperate in a far more comprehensive and coherent way currently exists in order to produce the kinds of scholars Bauder desires. It would require substantial financial commitment, collaborative strategic thinking, widespread appreciation for theological education, and theological cohesion (or at least the willingness to tolerate diversity on some deep-seated distinctives in secondary issues).

Has fundamentalism ever fruitfully cultivated these values? May Bauder succeed in his vision for progress.


William D said...

Bauder seems to be such an optimist. With the presence of knee-jerk separation that is so deep rooted in Fundamentalism, his idea is not possible.

David T. said...

Agreed. The various factions of separatist fundamentalism will inbreed their way to death, losing relevancy and the upcoming generations as well.