Friday, January 18, 2008

Banned from Church: The Wall Street Journal on Church Discipline

Today's Journal includes a story on the revival of church discipline and, unfortunately, latched on to a really bad example of it. Though the example is mitigated by a few comments from people who seem to have a substantially better understanding of what Scripture teaches, the narrative clearly carries the weight of the story.


Doug Smith said...
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Doug Smith said...

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Hershael York gives us the rest of the story on this story. He was interviewed for this article, but they chose not to use the positive material they could have, including the testimony of a restored church member.

Ed Franklin said...

My pastor had a similar experience with the writer of that article. He was quoted in it--one sentence from a 45-minute interview. The writer also did not use any material from the interviews she had with members of our church who had undergone church discipline and subsequently been restored. Plainly, it was intended to be a hatchet job. This has not undermined my confidence in the Press, however; I had none to begin with.