Saturday, September 08, 2007

Evangelicalism Divided: Everything You Could Ever Hope to Know

Andy Naselli has developed a useful summary of Iain Murray's book, but by far the most valuable part is his compilation of more than thirty reviews and discussions of its thesis. Particularly significant is the breadth of these reviews, including perspectives from both the Graham/Stott/Packer side and the fundamentalist side. I'll let you guess with whom I tend to agree more.


Brandon said...

Do you know what Naselli is doing these days? I know he was at BJU working on a doctorate. I had him as a 'guest teacher' for my Bible Doctrines class. He taught on Assurance and Salvation. It was excellent. He is solid.

A reformed friend of mine said (somewhat jokingly) that Naselli was in a unofficial contest with Piper to see who could be the 'most-pointed' Calvinist.

Ben said...

Here ya go.