Tuesday, March 06, 2007

Al Mohler on Ann Coulter

Kudos to Al Mohler for publicly repudiating the antics of a cobelligerent. Enough leaders of the religious right have made themselves and their loose conglomeration of supporters look quite silly over the years that this public rebuke is rather refreshing. As Molher suggests, short-term alliances aren't worth the long-term credibility that is undermined by toleration of such crass abrasiveness.
Conservative institutions cannot afford any association with this kind of language or attack. The issues are far too serious to be treated in this manner, and the very convictions Ann Coulter often defends are now sullied by association with her.
Of course, we might also think about the effects that alliance with folks like Coulter have on our ability to witness to the gospel and reflect an accurate picture of Christ.


Anonymous said...

Humm. I wonder how Mohler's words playout with men like Piper and the pottymouth from Seattle.

Perhaps Mohler is grandstanding a bit here, maybe even playing the holiness card for effect.

To me his remarks ring hollow, especially since he bumps shoulders with SBC preachers whose word choices often go beyond "faggot."

Charles Whisnant said...

"How can homosexuals think anything but the worst of a movement that would laugh at the use
of this slur? How can we think any better of ourselves if we stand by and let it happen?" Al said

I like Al, he is generally 99 % correct. But here I have a problem with his comments.

Ann Coulter is Ann Coulter, people who knows Ann understands her form of speaking. She is in
character when she speaks.

There is no repentant necessary here. Mean! No.

Demean homosexuals? or the demeaning of homosexuality? There is no good that you can say
about homosexuality!

Here we go by to Tim Hardaway, was he thinking ABOUT homosexuality rather than the
Homosexual? I think so.

Al and others seem to be falling in to the hands of those who want to made homosexuals nice.

And I am a fundamentalist and Reformer who believes homosexuality is wrong, and
homosexuals need Christ.

Its Christ alone who saves any of us sinners, by his grace alone.

To made any sinner feel good about his sin is not the path we should take a sinner.


Ben said...


It might be helpful for you to go back and re-read what Mohler wrote. The absolute last thing he's trying to do is make homosexuals look good. He's trying to rebuke Coulter for slandering Edwards as if he were.

Anonymous said...

I am not sure that Al Mohler really got what Ann was saying.

Prior to the 'joke' that is replayed over and over, she had just got done saying how she and the conservative base is NOT anti-gay. We are against gay marriage. We want tax cuts, etc, things that benefit gays also.

She said that her use of faggot was to imply how much of a sissy he was. Anyone remember elementary school before we really understand what a homosexual was? That was the use of faggot.

Perhaps everyone did not get the joke, but it was a reference to some actor's use of the word toward another actor and subsequently going to rehab over it.

Ryan DeBarr said...

When I was in grade school, I knew exactly what "faggot" meant. On this side of the pond, there is no alternate meaning.

But you're right. I don't know what Coulter was talking about. I started ignoring her the first time I tried to read her.

Anonymous said...

Speaking of things unnatural, I'd like to get reactions to a rather different approach to the subject that I saw on Yahoo. Please go there and type in "God to Same-Sexers: Hurry Up." And let me know what you think. Thanks. F.B.