Wednesday, May 11, 2005

Narnia, the Trailer, and Taylor, the Blogger

Maybe you've seen those placards in the Christian bookstores—"If you like 'X' pop artist, you'll like 'Y' CCM artist."

I hope I don't sound quite that pandering when I say that if you like anything about this blog, you'll probably also like Justin Taylor's blog, Between Two Worlds. The main differences are that Taylor's work is bigger (more posts per day), better (superior quality), and broader (He obviously scans a wealth of material and has his fingers on the pulse of broader evangelicalism much more than I do.). Aside from that, we deal with a similar mix of theological, political, and cultural issues.

His recent post linking to the Chronicles of Narnia movie trailer (not a full trailer, just a tease for the time being) gave me a good excuse to plug you all into his blog.

Some other interesting discussion of the Narnia movie at Karagraphy.

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JT said...

Thanks for the kind words!

Justin Taylor