Monday, March 28, 2005

It's "Davey"

Maybe it's the editor in me. I just can't stand to see Dan Davey's name spelled Davies. Dan Davey is the pastor of Colonial Baptist Church in Virginia Beach, VA and president of Central Baptist Theological Seminary also of VB, VA.

Here are a few grammatical variants for your reference:
    Possessive: Dan Davey's church

    Plural: Dan Davey and his family=the Daveys

    Plural Possessive: the car of the Davey family=the Daveys' car

I do know a man named Nigel Davies, the Australian pastor who represents Positive Action For Christ in the land down under. And that is a truly lame segue into a shameless promo.


david said...

that's very funny. i pondered briefly if i had committed this spelling blunder in my few posts that reference Davey, but a quick check says i haven't.

Greg Linscott said...

Thanx for pointin that out, Mr. Benn Write. I really hait it wehn peopel dont spel rite, to.